Our Vision

Shape the Future: Embrace opportunities of the present

Our Mission

  • To empower and inspire excellence
  • To provide opportunities for success
  • To build respectful relationships
  • To nurture productive, independent citizens

We value

Excellence Integrity Connectedness Creativity and Innovation Diversity

Our guiding principles for behaviour


School Priorities

Building best practice in Literacy and Numeracy through collaborative endeavour
  • Consolidate a whole school approach based on shared understandings and beliefs
  • Focus on proficiencies, capabilities, skills and understandings
  • Develop a robust assessment schedule to put faces on the data to inform decision making
  • To embed literacy and numeracy within planning for all learning areas in purposeful and authentic ways
Providing a rich and engaging curriculum
  • Ensure teachers are provided with appropriate and high quality resources to support the delivery of the Australian Curriculum
  • Differentiate the  curriculum  to support all learners
  • Integrate robust inquiry processes as part of  the  planning and delivery of high quality learning sequences and  the design of rich tasks
Building respectful citizens in partnership with the community
  • Maximise open communication and positive relationships throughout our school community
  • Develop reciprocal partnerships with parents/carers
  • Provide  a wide range of opportunities for student leadership
  • Promote service to others
  • Have high expectations of self management, commitment and compliance with agreed standards


At Norwood Primary School we are very proud of our beautiful grounds and facilities.  Our two ovals, basketball courts, downball courts, play equipment and swings provide great places for our students to play.

Passive Park is a no running, no ball games area in our school grounds which offers a place for our students to sit quietly and talk with their friends during recess and lunch times.

We have two dedicated play areas for our youngest students in Kindergarten and Prep.

Our classrooms are designed to support student learning, with some of our rooms being designed to be opened up to create larger learning spaces.


Student Leadership

House Captaincy:

Every year we elect 12 leaders who take on a range of responsibilities as House or Vice House Captains. Part of their duty is to assist with early childhood carnivals, lead lunchtime activities, and be a role-model by constantly following the 3 Rs.

Library Leaders

Developing leadership in students is one way of encouraging them to see the value of being responsible citizens.  The Library is where student leaders learn that good leaders “Know the way”, “Go the way” and “Show the way”. Library Leaders are expected to be committed to our 100 Nights of Reading and to be kind and helpful to everyone who uses the Library.

Student Parliament

Approximately 30 students from grades 3 to 6 are peer selected, each year,  to become the student voice for the school. The Parliamentarians are key players in communicating to ALL classes in the school, messages regarding behavioural expectations, school needs, and upcoming events. The Student Parliament facilitates fund raising for local and other charities. An annual Norwood Primary walkathon is held and is the major fundraiser of the group, with money being used for school improvements that are directly used by students across the school.  Some recent purchases have been outdoor bean bags for extra seating and covering the cricket pitch with artificial turf.

Students are not permitted to be on the Parliament for two consecutive years.

Health and Physical Education

LSSSA Representative Carnivals:

There are 15 state primary schools in Launceston and we are fortunate enough to visit and compete against some or all of them during our ongoing Friday afternoon sports roster or during Swimming, Cross Country, or Athletics carnivals.

Swimming, Cross Country, and Athletics:

Three major carnivals takes place every year with our grade 3-6 students travelling off-site to compete in Cross Country and Athletics. Our swimming carnival is for Grade 5/6 students only and also takes place away from school. These carnivals allow us to prepare and select a school team to compete at the LSSSA level.

Our Kinder – grade 2 students participate in Cross Country and Athletics events that are focused on fun and participation and based at school.

Extension Programs

Socrates Café

Socrates Café is one of the e-learning programmes that Norwood Primary applies for enrolment each year. Student selection is based on suitability and potential for extension. Socrates Café offers two philosophy based programmes that use a selection of texts or current affairs to stimulate discussion of issues and ideas.

Home Reading

Good reading comes from practice so we encourage all students to practice reading at home and to find books and other material that interest them and inform them about the world.  Reading at home gives students an opportunity to put into practice the wide range of strategies that they learn about and trial in class. Rewards are given for achieving important milestones across the year and we celebrate those who successfully complete the challenge of reading for 100, 200 and 300 nights of reading at home


STEAM is an integrated educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving. Students are given opportunities to take thoughtful risks, engage in practical learning, persist in problem solving, collaborate with others and work through an inquiry model in a creative manner. At Norwood Primary School students engage in STEAM through, coding, computation thinking, robotics and construction such as creating Rube Goldberg machines.

Music and the Arts

Esk Band

Esk Band is a programme which is run by Launceston College at Norwood Primary School and provides students with expert tutoring in the areas of brass, woodwind and percussion.  The students rehearse once a week and perform in an end of year concert in late November.  Esk Band is open to students in Grades 3-6.


Norwood Primary provides students in grades 3 and 4 with the opportunity to participate in a School Choir. The students rehearse once a week and learn singing technique and repertoire. Our choir highlight has been participating in the Singfest Concerts for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Early Years Programs

Welcome to our Launching into Learning program at Norwood Primary School.

We cater for children from Birth to 4 years of age and their families/carers.
Our programs use play-based learning and creative and stimulating environments to provide rich learning experiences for you and your child.
All sessions are run by qualified Early Childhood teachers.

For further information please contact our school office on 63442533