Norwood Primary School Programs
Student Parliament
Students have identified these qualities as important for a prospective or current Student Parliament representative.
 A Student Parliament representative should
  1. Show responsibility and maturity
  2. Show openness and confidence to share
  3. Be able to communicate clearly
  4. Have a  positive “can do” attitude
  5. Be on time and organised
  6. Show flexibility and see tasks through to completion.
Student Parliament representatives are elected by their class  (from Grades 1 to 6) to bring their concerns, requests and feedback to the SRC meetings for consideration, verification and action.
Fundraising occurs each term with a fun fundraiser to support an identified charity- students vote on which charity they wish to support.   They vary from term to term and year to year.
The Student Parliament support the fair in some way. Their involvement will vary from year to year.
The Student Parliament also manage the Walkathon which is a school-wide event.  These funds go towards a school project identified by the students. In the past they have supported hall improvements and playground equipment including soft-landing tiles for the Kinder play area.
The Norwood Primary School Parliament supports the philosophy of commitment through participation and democracy.  The Parliament is based on a strong emphasis on student voice and on empowering students to lead and shape many aspects of Norwood Primary School culture.
5/6 Sport Exchange Program
Norwood has a long history of participation in the Launceston State Schools Sports Association (LSSSA) administered School Sporting exchange.
The Association provides the organizational support to enable rostered weekly exchanges to be offered. It is led by a small number of committed educators.
A menu of sports are offered to schools to opt-in to a summer/winter cycle.
Norwood Primary has a strong emphasis on
  • Participation
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Sport specific skill development
  • Fitness and fun
  • Sportsperson ship
Sports practise is taken each week by teacher/coaches and the students participate in a range of activities designed to promote the highlighted elements.
Sporting exchanges occur on a Friday afternoon and the social interaction with students from a diversity of schools is an important element.
 Representative teams are also selected at the completion of seasonal rosters enabling more able students to be recognised and an opportunity to be challenged further.
Motor Skills

Norwood Primary School has run a program for Prep children called Motor Skills for the past 6 years.  This program targets the development of specific physical/motor skills in our Prep children, at an age when these skills are being shaped.  Classes attend one session per week and the children work in small groups to rotate around activity stations.
The Motor Skills program is coordinated by two of our very capable teacher assistants with input from the PE teacher.  Activities are designed to develop
  1. locomotor skills of  running, hopping, skipping, balancing
  2. fine motor skills such as threading, cutting, tracking
  3. hand eye coordination skills such as throwing, catching
  4. foot eye coordination skills such as kicking, rolling etc
The children are also introduced to a new playground game each week that they may choose to play with their friends during recess or lunch times.  Motor Skills is a valued part of the Prep program and if you would like any more information please talk to one of the Prep teachers.

Other programs offered at Norwood Primary School include:
Launching Into Learning – Chatterbox
Peer Buddies
Esk Band
Art Studio Program
School Gardening Program
100 Reading Club
LOTE – Japanese
School Choir
Daily Physical Education
Extended On Line Learning – E.g. AdAstra
Maths Olympiad
Please contact the school for more information.